The move by many in the health care industry to develop corporate compliance programs came after passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This Act gives the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General and the U. S. Department of Justice more investigational funding and authority to increase penalties for health care fraud and abuse. Using these and other enforcement tools the government continues to investigate health care institutions across the U. S. searching for violations of the False Claims Act and other federal laws. (from HCCA)



At A-UNC Healthcare Services, we subject our company to periodic compliance programs and reviews to ensure that we provide guidance regarding compliance, ethics, and conduct to all employees and contractors of A-UNC Healthcare Services, Inc. A-UNC Healthcare Services has an ongoing commitment ensuring that its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and sound ethical business practices.

To further its commitment to operational compliance and to protect the best interests of its employees and patients, A-UNC Healthcare Services has created a Compliance team and a Compliance Committee that will jointly assist the National Director of Corporate Compliance in the development and implementation of company-wide compliance efforts.


  • 1. adherence to all state/federal laws and regulations
  • 2. adherence to industry standards
  • 3. adherence to Maxim’s policies and Code of Conduct

In terms of patient care, it means:

  • 1. making sure care is medically necessary, properly authorized and covered
  • 2. it is delivered by qualified caregivers
  • 3. it is high quality
  • 4. it consistent with patient rights
  • 5. billings are properly and clearly presented and supported by  appropriate documentation
  • 6. reimbursement is correct
  • 7. Our facility is licensed and accredited
  • 8. There are no improper financial incentives that could exert inappropriate influence on the way we provide care.